Wednesday, August 28, 2013

30th Birthday Tandem Skydive

I reluctantly turned 30 last week and for this I received a voucher for a Skydive off of several loved ones, notably my Fiancee.

I had a 3 days to prepare for this event and, after a wait for the weather to pick up, carried out my dive at ~15:00 on Saturday just gone (24th). Here's how it went in pictures, I'm the terrified one at the front! :)

Not scared, honest...
Freefall time, oh yes.
Come back, plane!
Actually, this is pretty cool.
It's a weird feeling, but it goes so fast.
Main chute pull, I bruised my shoulders during this.
We did some twirls after this, scariest part of it!
I could kiss you, oh sacred ground!
I was a little nervous, apprehensive, scared whatever you want to call it beforehand but I don't think that's unnatural - throwing yourself out of an aircraft at 10,000+ feet isn't normal. I will say though, after touching down and knowing I was on safe ground again, it was an amazing experience and everyone should try it once, if not just for the views you get.

Thanks, Stace. xxx


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