Thursday, June 20, 2013

We're Hit!

Cruiser Mk. I
As I've ran out of puff for the current iteration of MMO's currently on offer I thought I'd give World of Tanks a shot. I'd watched plenty of YouTube clips, notably on SideStrafe's channel (that guy has some great video's, and not just of WoT) and thought as I wasn't throwing money at any other game I may as have some fun with tanks.

So far I'm really enjoying it, it is completely free and as far as I can see there is no pay to win element that I've read and heard about. Yes you can purchase armour piercing shells with in-game gold (which you buy with real-life cash), but you can also purchase these rounds with in-game credits (albeit at an inflated price), but to be honest I've not seen many people that actually use them.....but maybe that's just me.

Let's go!
I've decided not to rush to the higher tier tanks (lots appear to do), as there are 10 tiers to work through and I agree with the masses who say if you do that you're not going to learn the skills you need along the way to get the most out of those big-boys. At time of writing I've worked my way into the tier 3 tanks of a number of countries, these being the might Brits, ze Germans and the Americans and I'm starting to lean towards a particular type - the speedy, maneuverable Light tanks are for me. They are just so nippy and it's GREAT fun to run circles around a bigger tank all the while plinking away until it explodes :p

I'll report back further as I progress in to the mid-tiers (as I hear that's where the heavies and big guns come alive) and I'll look to record some footage of lower-tier fights!

- Ish

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