Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Plenty of Chop left - R35/RR65

So I've been playing my Choppa (Staggabreak) quite a lot recently, well I say quite a lot I actually mean continuously and a few things have started to become apparent.

Firstly that I am going to HAVE to be atleast renown rank 70 by the time I hit rank 40, otherwise I will have absolutely no chance at all at winning any 1v1 fight, unless the enemy happens to be AFK (which I do hunt for around those WC's as people never learn). With rr70 reached I will be able to equip full Worn Sovereign, which not only looks epic but will have a practical use too. Add to that a number of Weapon Skill talismans (+23's if I can wangle them) and I should hopefully be able to put out some respectful damage.

As I'm nearing rank 40 I've also been looking at possible specs for the green fella, and I'm leaning towards, but not yet completely sold on the following:

2 Handed Spec

This provides me with the obvious single target damage boost of the two hander, but also 2 (two) 50% heal debuffs, which could come in EXTREMELY handy if I find myself moshing healers :) I'll also have a self-heal too for a little more survivability.

Dual Wield spec

I'm leaning more to this one if I'm honest as I firstly prefer dual wield compared to the lumbersome 2h (although that has it's benefits obv.). I'll be picking up the 1 50% heal debuff, AP regen (although I may swap that for another point in Da' Hitta', a nice DoT and a self heal.

I am however, going to give it a lot of thought as I get nearer to rank 40 and also ask a few higher renown ranked players for a little more advice.


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