Thursday, July 21, 2011

SW:ToR Pre-order Available

It's here, we're now available to pre-order our very own copies of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Although there's no release date detailed as of yet you can get a number of different flavours depending on what you want from a pre-order, these being:
  1. Star Wars: The Old Republic COLLECTORS EDITION
  2. Star Wars: The Old Republic DIGITAL DELUXE EDITION
  3. Star Wars: The Old Republic STANDARD EDITION
There are the 3 flavours to fit 3 different depth of pocket it seems as the Collectors edition is ~£60, which is a LOT to pay for a PC game, in my opinion. The other two are more reasonably priced, if not a little more expensive than you'd expect, but I guess Bioware are cashing in on the hype that surrounds the game.

For more info about each of the boxes see HERE


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