Wednesday, July 06, 2011

6th July, Oh 6th July

So the Warhammer Online blogging world has been doing cartwheel this week as a number of high profile WAR bloggers (Werit & Bootae that I know of) have been invited down to Mythic HQ for an hour long presentation and a 30 minutes Q&A.

Now, I'm sure your brains will be thinking of all sorts of things this announcement could be, but if we look at it realistically what could it be:

1. The introduction of a 3rd faction (like everyone wanted)? Extremely unlikely as a huge chunk of the WAR developers were moved to SW:ToR so it's unlikely they have the manpower to do such a change.

2. WAR is going F2P? This is a strong possibility I think as Mythic have recently been bringing their account centre down for a longer maintenance than usual, coincidence?

3. Up-coming expansion? Another possibility and it may reinvigorate the game a little, depending on what it brought to the table, but I'm not sure players would like to be spending real earth money on an expansion for a game that's playerbase has unfortunately dwindled so much.

Either Werit, Bootae or even the official site will I'm sure put us all out of our misery soon, but isn't waiting a bitch :)


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