Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My MMO List for 2015!

It's been a busy 2014 for me with my daughter being born and all, however I am planning to take somewhat of an interest in a number of games in 2015. Their names and my thoughts on them are as follows.....
Is that you Death..
I've been looking forward to this for quite a while now, it reminds me of so many different games that I enjoyed playing years past from Ultima Online to Diablo and a touch of Dark Age of Camelot too. It's going to be free to play and the developers have confirmed that the in-game shop will be cosmetic only, but if I'm honest I can see some of my coin going into their coffers as I'm a sucker for looking good :p.

The crafting and housing elements should be refreshing and fun, but it's the Guild Vs Guild that I'm looking forward to the most - it's going to be best suited for guild groups of smaller numbers, which is great and there will be times during the day when your land can't be pillaged, so you won't log off to sleep to wake and find your castles and keep razed and your land in the hands of another.

Extra sharp sword!
I am a backer of this title up to the sum of around 55 bucks, which is around 35 units of real money (i.e, Sterling!). The main driver for me wanting to put my own money into a game that was way off at the time, and still is at least a year off now was due to Mark Jacobs. He was one of the guys behind Dark Age of Camelot and I spent many years in my 20's playing and thoroughly enjoying that game. Although he isn't squeaky clean when it comes to some of the failures of DAoC and it's sister game Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning (RIP!) I'm willing to give him another shot at re-creating the lore, community and unrivaled realm pride of DAoC in Camelot Unchained. /fingerscrossed

No obesity here!
I must admit, I never did play the original EverQuest and this was solely down to one of the above linked MMO's (DAoC). I thought about it on numerous occasions, but in the end always ended up in another title. 

Another reason for never dipping my toe into the EQ bath (hmm, ok...) was my disregard for the look of the game - it all looked a little too friendly if you know what I mean. Take DAoC as a comparison, that was not as pretty to look at, but it had jagged edges, chiseled character features and that really did help you immerse yourself into the world - in my mind anyhow.

My main drivers for trying out EQN are notably the look of it which I like, the fact that the whole environment is destructable and also that it's going to be free :).


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