Sunday, May 05, 2013

Uthgard - A Free DAoC Server

Pew pew :)
Well, what a busy month it has been. Not only did the Camelot Unchained Kickstarter fund, I have found my way back in to Dark Age of Camelot - albeit on a popular free server called Uthgard.

Firstly the CU KS. There was some worried people, of which I was one that thought with 5 or so days to go that the project wouldn't fund as it still needed a good $650k, however come the last 72 hours there was a big push to get the word out - both by City State themselves but also the large fan base that had been created and it made it, and then some!

A Herald at launch, woohoo!

The final total on the KS page hit $2,232,933 but Paypal was also opened up to the masses (notably EU'ers with no credit cards) and that pushed the grand-total well clear of the second Stretch Goal.

Although this is great news, it's also disappointing as it's penciled in  for a Q4 2015 release, which is about 200 years off :(. However I'm not one to wish time away so although I'll keep an eye on the game and take part as much as possible on the Backer forums, I won't begin salivating just yet.

Now to the present. During my frequenting of the Backer comments section on the CU KS page it became apparent that there were a large number of DAoC players both backing and interested in CU, a number of which were still actively playing the game, just not by official means but instead on a free-to-play server.

So far so good.

The server itself goes by the name of Uthgard and on the face of it seems really well run. There are anywhere between 600 - 1200 players online most days/nights and I'm having great fun at present leveling a little Kobold Huntress - with the help of our CU inspired guild!

The biggest draw to the server has to be that it's of a Classic rule-set, therefore there are fewer classes, better RvR zones and Archery is back to how it should be (and not completely gimped by being classed as magic...). If you've played DAoC in the past or fancy giving it a go I'd recommend Uthgard for sure - it's certainly better than paying £12, not including tax that's for sure.

Oh - and dual accounts/buff botting is forbidden too so that's a win-win :)


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