Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Hey, SW:ToR Next Week!

So I managed to get in on a little SW:ToR beta before its official release next week, although I still planned to buy the game and give it a go regardless of whether or not I was invited to test it. However now I have played it I want more, I don't want to have to wait until the 15th December, which in my case will no doubt be more like the 18th or even 19th due to when I entered my pre-order code, doh!

My beta experience went pretty well I thought, I mean I didn't get to test out all classes into the teens like some people managed to do, but I did have a good play with the Consular and Smuggler. I was and still am quite torn between which of these I'm going to have as my main come release, but I'm sure something will swing it for me as the time nears.

On the one hand the Consular can cover both ends of the spectrum really, by either going down the healer route (Sage), whilst still being able to dish out some damage with ze force. Or I could choose the DPS route (Shadow) and slice and dice people from stealth but rely more on my cunning and friendly healing allies to save my ass. It's a tough one as during my escapades in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning I went for the stealthy DPS'er, but on many an occasion found myself wishing I'd rolled a healer type whilst running with friends.

I don't believe you can go back once you've made your path choice, which if true seems a little harsh but on the flip side also quite interesting as it will stop people being able to do everything, which is one element of Rift that I didn't particularly like or enjoy.

As if that wasn't giving me a headache, I then stumbled upon the enjoyable Smuggler class which seems like a jack-of-all-trades straight off of the bat. They can do range and melee damage (OK a crotch kick!), some AoE and I didn't even play the lass that far into the levels so I can only assume they continue down their path of awesomeness into the later levels.

If I don't roll a Smuggler as my main, I am 99% sure that it will by my first alt, but then I don't plan to have many (if any) alts as I don't have as much time as I'd like to put into the game, so I'm going to spend the majority of it on the one char (he said as a recovering Altoholic).

Funnily enough I've found that the nearer the game gets to launch, the less I've been reading the forums or watching beta videos. I think that's just down to wanting to get in and play now and not wanting anything or anyone  to put a downer on my experience or spoil any aspect, if I can help it ....

P.S. I've no idea what server my guild Fallen Legion will get thrown on at launch (although it will be EU and PvE as I don't want to be ganked in starter zones...) but we are recruiting :).


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