Sunday, November 13, 2011

Invited To Beta, I Have Been

Now that the SW:ToR beta is ramping up as they obviously want to get a good number of concurrent players logged in, I received my invite (Yey!). However it unfortunately wasn't an invite telling me to get cracking with a client download, but one stating I've been invited to a future beta weekend. This will no doubt be this coming weekend, or the one after but it didn't stop me getting exciting when I read the email title :P.

I'm expecting a follow-up note this week so I can get the client downloaded and installed ready for the weekend, if that happens and I'm good to go for the weekend I plan to try out as many characters as is possible, ergo testing as many classes as is possible for BioWare but also giving me a taste of the different classes.

Either way, as long as I get to test it for a few hours I'll be chuffed.


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