Friday, October 21, 2011

War Continues, in Warhammer

Waaagh! I joined a well established guild called Moonlapse on Karak Norn a week or so ago and for the times I have gotton to play, it's been good fun. We have agreed, well been informed that there are set guild WB nights each week so we know where we stand, and during these days it's about making the best WB possible, specs and classes allowing.

We all use the add-on Enemy also, which I don't believe is available on Curse for some odd reason (unless it's been archived) but you can find it with a swift google search. Not only does this add-on give you lots of useful tables for kills, deaths in the area etc, it also allow you to easily call and mark a target that the group or WB can focus down. A very useful mod indeed.

On the subject of add-ons I'd also recommend a few of my favourites, notably:

  1. Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text (WSCT) - This gives you details of all incoming and outgoing damage, healing, parries, blocks etc in quite elegant arcs to the left and right of your character (depending on your preference);
  2.  Buffhead2 - This is one of my favourite add-ons as this gives you skill cooldown icons above your head (for buffs) and above your foes head (for debuffs, dots etc) so you know exactly when that DoT or heal debuff needs to be reapplied.
  3. Wikki's Cooldown Timer - This is a bolt-on really for Buffhead2 as once your cooldown for that important heal debuff or DoT ended and it's ready to use again, this add-on will flash up a large skill icon on your screen to shout at you that you can fire it off again or reapply it.
If you're on the Karak Norn server and see our warband roaming, feel free to give Staggabreak the Choppa a /wave or a /zombie :)


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