Sunday, October 16, 2011

iLearn Part 6

It's been a busy weekend so I've only just managed to sit down and pick up where I left off last week, so let's go for it.

This time around I've been looking at Ethernet topics, notably CSMA/CD, which is a set of rules about how a device will talk on a network and what to do if more than one device tries to talk on the network at the same time. I also picked up on MAC addresses and the way they are given their address, i.e. 01de:ff43:22aa and how this is formed.

I then delved into the physical connections that allow you to connect to the world, so the likes of your Network Interface Cards in your PC, the cabling that can be used and the different ways to create and crimp that cable to fit your desired distances and needs.

The last topic I looked at really followed on from the above, as it was to do with Straight Through cables (for network devices which are meant to be connected together) and Crossover cables (for devices that typically don't connect together).

The cabling topics were really interesting and it gets you thinking about the amount of cable we all waste and have coiled up in the corners of our room or behind our desks. I may even pick up a spool of my own now and crimp it myself :)


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