Monday, October 10, 2011

Dark Age of Camelot .... 2!

So over the past few days I've been surfing the web, as I usually do checking over the usual MMORPG gaming sites, notable Massively and mmorpg, but also stumbled across a few sites discussing the goal that is Dark Age of Camelot 2.

Now, taking in to account that the creators of the original DAoC back in 2001 (Mythic) have now been consumed by EA Bioware (maker of RPG games) although still seperate entities, I'm scepticle of them wanting to make it, however they certainly have the skills (old Mythic bods) and the cash (EA) to inject in to it so who knows.

I've found a few sites that are trying to carry the flame to Mythic, which are:
Worth a read and a Tweet if you have a spare 5 as even if we could get a response out of the bods at Mythic it would be something.


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