Saturday, October 08, 2011

iLearn Part 4

So it's onward and upward from the OSI &TCP/IP battle we go!

My next stop has seen me take in the TCP three way hand-shake, and no this isn't some sort of US fraternity I'm joining it's a crucial part of the reliable communication that TCP gives you. It's quite amazing how so many people use computers on a daily basis, yet don't know what's going on behind the scenes to send that e-mail, or load up that website (although to be fair, neither did I until recently :p).

Along with the 3-way I've also been looking at Sequence numbers that are attached to data packets during that reliable conversation and TCP windowing.

Ever wondered why when you copy that file from one device or location to another on your PC the resulting dialog box temporarily doesn't seem to know how long it's going to take? Well that's Windowing, it is the reliable communication method TCP trying to determine how much data it can send at once before it overwhelms it's destination. Interesting stuff :)

My next stop is going to be looking at Port numbers, well known and otherwise and also some basic TCP/IP. Great stuff :)


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