Wednesday, October 26, 2011

You Fibber!

OK, I lied. When I said I was back into Warhammer Online: Age Of Reckoning and enjoying myself with a new guild, on reflection that wasn't completely true....

I had indeed joined a new, active, albeit regimented friendly bunch of players and for the first few days I did enjoy myself. However when you get to that stage that you find yourself with free time and you're thinking of things to do, other than logging into a game, then's it's probably time to pack it in.

I still love the lore, the look, the universe and the mannerisms of those cheeky little Gobbo's but there were a few key things that have finally made me realise that WAR is another game that is to join my Spectrum and my secondary school artwork in a box in the loft:

The first would be that, for me certainly, unless I can play with a regular group of friends day in, day out and really get the most out of the game I'm not going to enjoy an MMO as much as I could. I managed to do this at launch and really right up until about 6 months ago, which was down to them getting bored and moving to another game, which was Rift.

The second reason is that there really isn't the kind of numbers playing WAR as it needs, to really make use of all the stuff it can offer and with the new 1.4.5 patch on the horizon I hope this doesn't have a detrimental effect on the Keep system. Although I'm sure the developers know what they're doing....right..

My third and final reason is that, when I did log in I would find myself either creating new characters or choosing to play a plethora of tier 1 & tier 2 characters instead of my main r40/rr80 Choppa. Now that's fine but I find myself thinking why the hell did I bother levelling a toon to max level, to then ditch it and go and play the lower tiers when all the shiny stuff is in tier 4. I don't know, was I sick and tired of being rolled by premades in scenarios and out in the lakes, perhaps or did I just prefer the lower tiers or Warhammer like so many others do...

Things that would make me return to WAR would include:
  1. If it went free2play, which I doubt it will but if it did happen, say in the new year then I'd definitely spend a little cash on the old girl;
  2. If the Subscription cost was lowered to a more reasonable amount, say £5 per month. As it stands £8.99 is nowhere near good value for money when a game is in maintenance mode and has but only a handful of developers left on it. Will this change when SW:ToR is released? Who knows but I doubt it.
  3. If I try Star Wars and it's terrible, I may have no other choice but to return along with many others I'm sure. Though you never know if this were to happen it could help, but probably won't :p.
So long (for the foreseeable future anyhow) Warhammer Online, see you on the other side, or in the discount bin of the discount bin, whichever comes first.


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