Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fringe Science

Well, well, well where has this brilliant show been hiding? I have now watched a good 10 episodes of season 1 and it's superb. It has a mix of everything, comedy, drama, science (albeit far-fetched) and best of all a relatively unknown cast (apart from the guy from Dawsons Creek) so you can really get into it without thinking "he's the guy from that film, he sucked".

If you get a chance to watch this show I'd reccommend it as the character played by John Noble (ok some of the cast are a little famous) is superb and it's worth the purchase just for him.

I'll have finished season 1 by this weekend and then I plan to get straight on to season 2 over the weekend, although I may not hit it as hard. I'm hoping the following seasons continue along the same vein as the first and we'll see if a few of the roads I've been taken down come to and end .....


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