Monday, October 31, 2011

Ordered SW:ToR, I have.

So after much debate and mulling I have finally done it .....pre-ordered Star Wars: The Old Republic. It took me a good while to finally take the plunge, but they way I think of it is that this is the only real MMO I have an interest in until Warhammer 40k comes out in 2013 so I may as well give it a go.

So the next question I have to answer is what class will I be playing? Well, during my MMO gaming years I've grown accustom to playing more DPS orientated careers with some sneakyness and stealthyness thrown in too, therefore I plan to roll a Jedi Consular at launch and specialise down the Shadow path.

This entails pretty much what the official gubbins states:

I'll no doubt have a play with other classes, including the Empire ones but for the short-term I think this one will take up the majority of my time.

PvP is a big deal for me in MMOs too and if you've not seen the latest Voidstar Warzone (PvP) Trailer then here it is:

If like me you were originally sceptical about the PvP elements in SW:ToR then the amount of info that's been released detailing what's in at launch should help ease those worries, regardless of what may come post launch. And we all know the story element to the game will be well done, so that makes me think they will continue to build on the PvP elements further down the road.


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