Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time For a New Role

So I start my new job on Monday in Network Support. I wouldn't say I'm too apprehensive or nervous but I'm most definitely looking forward to the new challenge of both a new role and meeting and networking (forgive the pun) with people who've worked in the Networking environment for many years.

If things go well in this role I'm hoping that there are further opportunities available to grasp with both hands, as I've made it quite clear from the start that I have a desire and a real thirst to learn the Networking world and hopefully have a long and successful career within the area.

If I'm honest I am quite sad to leave my current team, with which I've had over 4 years of fun and games. However they say that you should always have a 2,3, or 5 year plan and that's what I've taken into consideration when I took the Network Support role. I mean you can't beat working in the environment to for gaining experience, exposure and a real understanding for the work involved.

Therefore I'd tell you all to always take into consideration that plan and don't let the fact that you work with some great people divert you away from your long-term career goals, as I'm sure they won't be :)


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