Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tomb Raider (PC)

When I hear the words Tomb Raider I always think back to when I had my first Playstation games console. I couldn't put that game down when I got it, notably due to it's clever puzzles, intense combat (dual pistols anyone?) or the fact that I would climb up stuff just to swan-dive off, over and over :)

I booted up Steam yesterday and noticed that a revamped version of Tomb Raider was available to purchase at 75% off, so I thought "bargain" and picked it up. What a great decision that was!

It looks amazing. I don't have an exceptionally powerful rig, but I've cranked it up to Ultra under Graphics Settings and runs great and looks spectacular. My only issue is that I can't seem to enable a hair option, which is annoying me so I'll need to research that.

You begin in sort of a tutorial setting where you learn the basics of movement, combat and how to navigate around the world. I use a keyboard and mouse setup and it works really well for me as I have plenty of spare keys to bind to other options. I learn how to dodge, take cover, climb, aim and balance and before I knew it I was progressing nicely and hadn't died once.

That soon changed however, as in my haste I'd decided to choose a Normal difficulty instead of Easy, which did make the things that were trying to kill me a tad smarter, therefore I found projectiles being aimed with expert precision and me having to have my wits about me and select different keys pretty quickly to defend myself. I died quite a few times.

There's a good amount of cut-scenes, but not too many and these gave me a little more clarity of what had happened to have Lara end up here and provided a little background on some of the other characters. Some of which I don't fully trust and others I'm looking forward to meeting.

Having only clocked up about 4 hours /played I'm not sure if I'll be able to dual wield pistols or Tom Daley into lakes from 100 feet but in my eyes it's a really good game and well worth the £3.69 I paid for it.

I do hope I see more sunlight soon though, as all this darkness doesn't half scare me :).


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