Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ultima Online Forever.

I still have the game box ;)

I played Ultima Online back in my teenage year, so around about 15 or so years ago (christ!) and I loved it. As a true sandbox MMORPG you could do or be pretty much whatever you wanted to be, and I spent countless hours in my bedroom hanging around Brit bank chatting into the early hours (much to my brothers annoyance at the time).

Those Skellies were a menace!

I recently stumbled across a new free shard that's due to go live on the 18th January, having been in BETA for a year. This server is UO Forever and I'm sure you'll agree it looks professional and the fact the admins have put their own time and money into the project makes it deserve old players (and new) support.

I agree that you'll never be able to regain the excitement and enjoyment of an MMO you played and subsequently left x amount of years ago, but as a pick up, put down game I don't think there's anything better. Plus if you've got 30 minutes to burn before heading out why not log in to set up a macro on your Warrior to gain some swordsmanship, craft a few pieces of armour or end up doing what I did and hoard loads of cool armour and weapons and hang around safe towns :p.

The consensus with the tinternets is that a lot of the players currently playing on other free UO shards will migrate over to this one, even though everyone will be starting from scratch - as is the excitement for this project.

Ahh, peace and quiet...

I am going to be playing with the Keen and Graev community who hope to get settled and build a city (which you're free to do in UO!). You can join them too, just head over to their blog or check out their forums. I won't be spending 5+ hours a day as I once did, but I will be as active as I can be until the next MMO I'm waiting for releases (i.e. TESO) and even after that I'll still jump in.

There are some useful guides to the server and what you can expect over at their YouTube page too so I urge you to go take a look and tell your UO loving friends!



  1. Too many bugs and problems!

    I prefer

    1. I've not found that myself, the people that run UOF had out in beta for a year and I've not found any bugs yet. When they are found they also seem pretty reactive in fixing them.

  2. Pretty sure their beta was just using UO Perilous code and renaming it from what I've seen. Same exact patch notes even.

    1. Oh well, each to their own.

      I'm just happy to find a relatively populated UO shard :)

  3. Well if you ever decide you need to find a new home, we're quite happy over on 's shard. Love the people there. <3

  4. UO Forever was started by the same owner of UO Perilous. He screwed over all his UOP staff and players by secretly opening UOF on the same server and using the same software. He promised UOP players that he would not delete their years worth of hard earned stuff, but then did it anyway once UOF seemed to take off. He is a cheating lying backstabbing douche. I wish him the worst of luck. His shard is built on screwing loyal players over and he and his staff are corrupt as ever.

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