Saturday, July 07, 2012

GW2 Decisions, decisions...

With the Guild Wars 2 fast approaching (28/08/2012) I've been scouring the official site and watching a bunch of YouTube videos to help me decide what Race and Profession to choose come release.

Races wise I've narrowed it down (lol) so far to three, which are the Asura, Humans and Norns.

GW2 Asura

At present my preferred choice is an Asura, just because they're so darn little and I have a thing for little avatars that can throw on a set of heavy armour and be un-killable - my Hobbit Guardian in LotRO springs to mind, man that Hobbit was awesome.

I also think the fact that they only stand a couple of feet up from the floor may give me some benefit in WvWvW, even if it's just that an enemy doesn't see me until late or that I'm able to harass someone and not be seen.

GW2 Human

Another possible choice for me are the Humans, which I know are a little dull and generic, but they do tend to be able to do all jobs pretty darn well and a versatile race is a bonus in my eyes. At this moment in time I don't think they'll be the race I choose for my main, but if I happen to make a DPS character at some point it will be a Human.

GW2 Norn

My sole reason for wanting to roll a Norn is the fact that they are hulking masses of steel, I mean if you're storming a keep you want Norn giants heading up the front-lines and scaring the bajezuses out of the enemy. I'm not sure if that will be the case however, as I have a sneaking suspicion that all the bloody tanks will be Asura's!

What profession I'm going to play has been a little easier for me to decide. I've tended to go for the stealther class or the solo-friendly, billy-no-mates class in my past MMOs, but I've decided to change that for GW2.

GW2 Guardian

My thought pattern is along the lines of me not wanting to reach level 80 and find myself struggling to find groups for the end-game PvE and WvWvW like I've found myself suffering in other games - I'm looking at your Warhammer Online, LotRO and DAoC. Therefore I've decided to go for a group friendly professions straight off of the bat!

At the moment the Guardian is floating my boat, notably because they can defend their group-members with a plethora of symbols and wards and can toy with their foes movement possibilities with bubbles and root-esk skills. My only bug-bear at the moment with the class is that there doesn't appear to be a guard skill, which I've grown accustom to and do like - that being the WAR implementation of the skill not the idiotic SW:ToR one.

GW2 Warrior

If I change my mind at the creation screen it will be for a Warrior however, as these guys can assist their party in other ways, notably by dishing out lots and lots of pain ;).

This guy I think does it justice.

I think a lot of people are hoping that GW2 will be the holy grail, as in it will give all of the PvE'ers their hit, but also provide enough PvP for the players that like killing one another. With WvWvW I just hope they can take 3-way PvP and do what DAoC did with it and make it really mean something!

We'll see how it goes on the 28th August.


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