Monday, May 21, 2012

Warhammering Away

Well with my re-enlistment into the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning ranks comes the thought of trying to find a group and trying not to get too angry when I die to that AM, WP, WH or AoEing Slayer or BW for the 75th time.

I can report however, that although I died PLENTY I also had fun :)

Bomblolita is in there somewhere.
I found this to be the safest spot for a Choppa.
Not so safe here!

All in all I had a pleasant few hours in WAR this evening and if tonight's action is anything to go by, then WAR is far from dead or dying as some may make you believe.



  1. Only 2 real servers left, the russians are waiting for a server merge, but that will not happen.
    So, i think the dying comments about WAR have their reasons.
    There is no real advertising seen for WAR to change that, or anything active set in motion to get more players back into the game.
    Small patches take months, and even then they are crippled with bugs - see the actual patch they are working on.
    And the monthly price is way to high for what they offer at the moment.
    Not to mention that their customer support is doing a piss poor job...
    But have fun as long as it last, i doubt that there will be a server merge in the future, even if there will be one, that time it will be the last.
    I came back with the last server merge, used the 14 days and even added a gtc, and yes, it can be fun, if there are enough people around, and if they play WARhammer and not FLEEhammer.
    But my time is up in 2 weeks, and i doubt that i will add any more gtc, the price is just to high and not worth it, sorry.

    1. Who is that!?! :p

      I would agree that the price is too high for the game we are being given, but I doubt they will drop it anytime soon.

      In all honesty I am playing WAR because there's nothing better out yet, but when GW2 hits I'll no doubt be heading there with my guild.