Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dark Age of Camelot.... Take 26 ;)

Doesn't look THAT dated to me
So I've only gone and done it, renewed my Dark Age of Camelot account - again.....!

Recently I've found that I've had zero, nil, nada interest in logging in to SW:ToR and that's because I find it a tad dull. I mean it's not that it isn't a good game, because I think it has a lot going for it but it hasn't grabbed me like DAoC, SWG or Warhammer Online did all those years ago (god I'm old).

New Frontiers, good for some
That being the case and the fact that there's a shiny 14 free days awaiting any returning player that hasn't logged into their account for 90 days, I thought why the hell not. My only issue, which I've tweeted rather a lot about recently is the idiotic account system EA have devised, I mean by the time you've finished creating this account, then linking another account to that account and made sure you've linked the right one you may have either lost the complete bloody will to live, or have decided to go out in the sunshine instead. It is THAT stupid.

After fighting with EA and deflecting all their attempts to make me not play one of their games, I downloaded the client from the website, patched it up and logged into a random character to try and remember how to do stuff. At the moment I currently have, char wise on Ywain 1 Midgard:

  1. 50 Norse Healer
  2. 50 Dwarf Warrior
  3. 50 Kobold Hunter
  4. 50 Norse Shadowblade
  5. A 24 Runemaster & Savage
From what I can remember my SB was my main and then I tended to either go for my Hunter or Healer when the group required it. However I can't remember a bloody thing when it comes to skills/spells/macro's etc so I hope it comes back to me quickly.

At the time of writing this I did a quick /who on my Mid realm (one command I remember!) and there were 702 players, which for Mid isn't too shabby, considering you have the realms of Albion and Hibernian, both of which tend to be considerably more popular for some unknown reason. That being the case I'd guess that there was approx. 3,000 people online @ UK prime-time, which is promising.

I'll hopefully have more time to get back to grips with DAoC in the coming days, but to try and refresh myself I've also been reading these sites:

See you in the Frontiers!


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