Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Oppy Operative

Pew pew!
When my guild - Fallen Legion were deciding as to what SW:ToR server to roll on, I didn't think that 4 months into my Star Wars experience I'd be re-rolling onto a new server due to a severe lack of players. Well that's exactly what's happened and we lifted and shifted from our PvE Republic side server (Peragus Mining Facility) over to a PvP Rule-set Empire side server (Tomb of Freedon Nadd).

Now I was rather enjoying my Scoundrel on PMF and ANNOYINGLY I was half a level away from 50, which made the re-rolling pill that little more harder to swallow, but I did for the good of the guild - what a team player this guy is!

I have stuck to my guns, and my class selection on the new server by rolling an Imperial Agent Operative and from what I've experienced so far (up to level 21 at the time of writing) it's as good, if not a smidgen more enjoyable over the Scoundrel. However that is to be taken with a pinch of salt as I'm only level 21, but I do prefer the dagger over the shotgun for looks ;)

On a more negative note, patch 1.2 is due shortly and to me it's like being given £50 in your one hand and then your severed leg in the other, notable because of:
  • Backstab now has a 12-second cooldown and deals approximately 5% more damage
This is one of the most frequently used skills and it's getting an additional 25% cooldown duration slapped onto it, which is going to play havoc with carefully researched rotations.
  • Hidden Strike now has a 7.5-second cooldown
Another cooldown crotch-kick as HS currently is instantly usable, however with this substantial CD, it is again going to be a complete swine for worked out rotations. And we thought the last round of nerfs we go were the only ones.....Ha!

There are some pretty useful buffs too, but those are quite heal focused and I didn't roll a DPS char (read: Kinda DPS) to pump out heals in either PvE or PvP.


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