Tuesday, October 04, 2011

iLearn Part 1

So I thought I'd keep a record of what I've been learning over the past day, to both put it down on paper but also keep a record. I can then refer back to these posts if necessary to jog my memory on what I've recently taught myself.
What I'm using to assist in my learning consists of the following:
With all of these tools I'm hopeful that the information should stick and when the exams come around I should be ready.
Anyhow, to rejig my aging memory I started by going over the following yesterday:
  1. Fundamentals of a Network, the common devices (PCs, Servers, Switches, Routers) and where they fit on the network;
  2. Network Topologies, so your Bus, Ring and Star;
  3. Networks designs and how the topologies come together to form some of these;
It was an easy reintroduction and I'm looking forward to the next bit. Oh and I can't reccomment the Jeremy Ciora cbt nuggets videos enough, he adds a bit of fun and comedy into the clips, which help a huge amount.


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