Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Bit O LotRO's All I Need

This weekend I also dusted down the Lord of the Rings Online account and indulged in a little Hobbit mischief on my very cute, yet hard as nails Hobbit Warden.

She's only level 33 at present, but I managed to take her from 30 to 33 with a few hours play over the weekend, which I don't think is too bad. Granted she has about 1 trillion points of rested exp and you can continue to buy the stuff but that helps in my opinion. Saying that though, I am in no way saying you should rush the levelling process in this game as it really is a joy, from the sheer volume of quests to do and be rewarded for to enjoying the, I think, best looking scenary of any MMO to date.

I also managed to find a VERY helpful Kinship upon my return to the game by the name of Stars of Elentari, which again make levelling and general game playing so much more enjoyable.

I'm on the EU Snowbourn server if anyone wants to find me :)


  1. How is the Warden later on? Recently started playing Lotro again I went for both a Warden and a Burglar. Both seems equally fun, but I cant decide wich one to pick! Both sitting at lvl 20.

  2. Well I'm really enjoying my Warden at the moment, the gambit system is really different and allows me to punch above my weight.

    I do have a 60 Burglar that I played from release, which was huge fun in Ettenmoors, stealth is king!