Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back in the LotRO Saddle

So I've returned to LotRO about a month ago and I thought it would be worthwhile giving some of the Pro's and Con's that I've found since returning to Middle Earth.


  • The game still looks and handles as great as it always has
  • There plenty of content for even the die-hard role player and even if questing isn't your thing there's some tasty rewards to tempt you
  • The new classes (Warden, RuneKeeper) are great fun and are definitely worth a try
  • The Free 2 Play function that Turbine have implemented is good, there's lots to buy (with your Turbine points) including expansions, mounts and experience boosts.
  • The PvP is still lacking, even though they've updated it a little, it's not really anywhere near enough to keep people there that prefer a little PvP now and then
  • For a F2P game I believe it takes too long to level, and although that may be blasphemy in some parts of the MMO world I'd like it to be quicker. Dare I say that the option to buy a free level or two every now and then from the store would be useful too.
Regardless of the con's though I'm enjoying levelling my little Hobbit Warden, mainly due to them being pretty kick-ass and I'd happily go on record by saying Hobbit's are the best class of any MMO I've even played, period.


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