Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pint Of Red Anyone?

So I went to give blood today for my fourth donation. All was going swimmingly too until the nurse decided the vein that has been used for the past 3 donations had a pulse, so a different one had to be used. A little weird I though as I've never had any problems giving from that one before, but I kept schtum and let her continue.

She found one just to the right and started to drain me of my livelyhood and then the fun started. Firstly the machine was malfunctioning so the blood had to be measured by weight and not by the computer as usual, then my blood didn't want to come out of this new vein so they thought it would be good to jiggle the needle about (ow!) which did bugger all to help their equipment circulation, let alone mine and just plain hurt. The apparent problem were two pieces of tape that were holding the valve to my arm restricting the flow, which is nice to know... 

Needless to say it was an absolute nightmare and I sometimes wonder why I bother to donate, when you get nothing apart from a large bruise :(. I will however continue, as no matter what people say it does make you feel like you've done something that will possibly save a life.


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